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Play Your Game Xeno Gamer 0 Times. r/ xenogaming. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 4. Posted by 12 months ago. Archived. What exactly you thought was a "game" turned into an ageless war of meta-evolutionary techniques concerning the nature of human history it self. What's next? Salut Ma Numesc Z3Ro si puteti gasi in Canalul Meu (Pute asai?) Videoclipuri Cu Gaming, Aunturi & Multe Altele. Si Desiguri Mai Jos Puteti Vedea Informatii si Conturi De ale Mele. Sub! PC Specs.

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This might be a niche site where you could play games and now have enjoyable. Appreciate classics such as for example the phrase's Hardest Game or The Impossible Quiz. Feel free to flick through our assortment of games. Play Your Game Xeno Gamer 0 Days. Septik u gotta control your fury towards individuals from the past. Like its maybe not healthy brother look after yourself and do not bother about how many other men and women believe cause it's "their" opinion and when you feel like I have focused you for some reason just tell me.

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We have been happy to announce the release of one of our biggest updates we've ever introduced for XGC! Want to support our hosts and enjoy the benefits as well? Visit our store today! We've put cookies on your own product to make this website better. You're able to adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll believe you're okay to continue. All Activity Home. Our Servers. Discover our high end hosts and boost your gaming knowledge.


It's truly been a long time coming, after set back after set-back, I finally feel I am in a situation where i will be satisfied with this new state of our computers. It is without a doubt the biggest upgrade we are going to have ever - and may very well ever release for some time. We should give attention to high quality over amount, therefore indeed, we are going to have several less servers whilst we make an effort to result in the machines that we have the very best ones we could.

Let's get on what we've really already been doing this entire time. We now have added additional perks for several packages. Elite creators can transform in-game operating! Updates Performance I have worked difficult to improve our performance across our services: Drastically enhanced the running times on our sites I have actually upgraded our primary game server for some associated with the highest specs for gaming servers currently available. Executes IP's connect executes.

An enormous enhancement compared to before. This will be ideally cause some fresh game play and reduce the chances of players knowing what perform it is when they spawn. This will result in far more fluent game play, and less complaining. We have been going back once again to our roots, as the awp host was the bottom of which XGC ended up being built upon, we only thought it absolutely was about time we brought it back.

It really is tick, 32 players and is running on par with all the performance of our execute computers. We have made the decision to completely remove custom player models from our shop, as we feel just like some models did give players benefits over other people. We believe that the Community would be rather enthusiastic about this.


We have added staff sections and VIP parts to our store, solely for them. We have attempted to place a more impressive increased exposure of our in-game shop, costs are mainly calculated for either: One Day, One few days, a month and permanent now.

In removal of the custom player models, we've added an enormous selection of pro-team gloves for both CT and T Side. These will nevertheless utilize the standard player designs. It's simple to make extra credits through daily reward, every single day you day you do! You earn credits for your in-game performance now: 5 Credits for every single Kill 2 Credits for every single Assist Credits for backstabbing knife kill 5 credits for defusing the bomb 15 credits for flash assists 15 credits for grenade eliminates 7 credits for headshots 25 credits for being the MVP 20 credits for killing through smoke eliminates 30 credits for Zeus kils 1 Credit for winning the round you can generate additional credits using the XGC steam group tag in-game.

You can earn additional credits insurance firms xgc. The process to validate is easy, you type! Verifying gives you access to exclusive commands and features eg. You get in-game store credits after you have confirmed. Consistent with our brand-new discord confirmation system, if you're an existing donator, you will definitely automatically be given your discord part should you not have it. In the event that you purchase VIP after this inform, you will receive it if you're confirmed in-game.


These will also remove themselves after your bundle expires. You can even use the demand! We now have added the capacity to add any valve tool stickers to your firearms.


You'll be able to to make use of this particular feature via! Picture instance here CallAdmin Our! If you ace in a round, a message can look in talk. Need to find out anything concerning the host?

I appreciate your guy's patience whilst we roll down these updates - and there is still even more in the future. I appreciate everybody else understanding the situation, and i am hoping you men make contact with enjoying our computers. In the event that you encounter any bugs, problems or suffer from your donator bundles, then kindly make sure to make a post here: HERE Merry Christmas!

Staff Applications. Ban Appeals. Sign In Join. Important Information we now have placed cookies on your unit to make this website better. I accept.


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